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1959 Bentley S2 Continental

Year : 1959
Make : Bentley
Model : S2 Continental
Coachbuilder : Hooper
Body Type : Sports Saloon
Colour : Silver
Trim : St James Red Leather
Condition : Restored by Frank Dale & Stepsons in the mid 1980's and sparingly used ever since. Still in very good order throughout.
Technical Data : Four speed automatic gearbox, power steering, 8 cylinder 90 degree V-configuration engine, 6.2 litres displacement, 6230cc capacity. Drum brakes servo-assisted.


The S1 Continental engine had effectively run its course by 1959 and could not be developed any further. The approximate 160bhp power output was more than sufficient but due to pressures and competition elsewhere Rolls-Royce sought out an improved power unit to deliver more speed whilst retaining the Bentley Continentals refined performance. The answer was a complete move away from the six cylinder inline engine configuration, to an all new V8 engine boasting 6,230cc and an estimated 200bhp, boosting the power by nearly 25%. It had been developed at Crewe for some years prior and was an immediate success. It was constructed almost entirely in aluminium and was of a very similar weight to the S1 Continentals engine, but featured hydraulic tappets to ensure quiet running. A few other mechanical aspects were modified including the braking and lubrication systems, with automatic transmission and power steering now standard fittings, making the Bentley S2 Continental a motor car capable of speeds approaching 120mph. Chassis No BC1AR which we are currently offering for sale is the very first Bentley S2 Continental to be completed. The likes of H.J. Mulliner, Park Ward and James Young provided the vast majority of coachwork for the various 431 S1 Continentals created, and it is sometimes forgotten that three other companies created coachwork for the S1 Continental chassis. Graber of Switzerland and Franay of Paris France both produced a single body for the S1 Continental chassis and Hooper of Park Royal London also produced five sports saloon style bodies. One further sports saloon body was produced by Hooper for the all new S2 Continental chassis, which turned out to be the final body coachbuilders Hooper ever produced. BC1AR was first acquired by Frank Dale & Stepsons in the 1980s when we purchased it from who we believe to be the second owner. It was restored at our Hammersmith workshops and coachworks and then supplied to one of our most fastidious client in Japan. The restoration works included the car being re-painted in silver and re-trimmed in St James red leather. New grey carpeting bound in matching red leather was also fitted and the car was mechanically prepared. Air conditioning was fitted at the new owners request and all of the interior woodwork was restored to show condition. Following restoration the car remained in Japan for some years before returning to London. We have subsequently supplied the car on three separate occasions, once again to a Japanese collector in the early 1990s and on two further occasions to English collectors, so we are very familiar with BC1AR's history and pedigree, especially over the past twenty five years. The car comes complete with its original handbook and correct period small tools will be supplied upon purchase to complement the original large tools. BC1AR is a car of great historical importance, being the Hooper Earls Court Motor Show car in 1959, the first S2 Continental built, the only S2 Continental with coachwork by Hooper and the last body they ever produced. It is still in very good condition throughout having been used so sparingly since the detailed restoration carried out by Frank Dale & Stepsons in the mid 1980s. More recently has been fitted with a Becker Mexico stereo complete with built in satellite navigation. BC1AR is undoubtedly a car of great historical importance, is in excellent condition throughout and is a Bentley Continental we are pleased to be able to offer for sale once again.

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